App Crashes - Unable to open MF


App continously crashing while opening MF page.

Hi Alan, sorry about this. It’s working fine for me. Can you please let me know the device and the app version you are using? I will relay the same to the tech team.

Hi @Savitri_B

Niyo is installed with Redmi Note 3 and App version is V 1.2.63

Thanks Alan, will get this checked out.

Hi @Savitri_B,

Any updates on this bug?

Hey @Alan_Abraham, we will let you know as soon as there is an update.

Sorry about this issue Alan. We have identified the cause. We’ll be rolling out an update with the fix very soon. I’ll update you here as soon as it’s available in the Playstore.

Hi @Medhavi_Chandra

Thanks for the information. Waiting for the fix.