Any Mod help me with getting my kyc done plz.

This was my first my post on this community way back in april when i created account and signed up on community. little did i know that kyc would stop me from utilizing all the niyox benefits.

1* multiple reschedule, used to receive agent pin message agent never showed up. stressful nights and days with customer executive. one fine blue moon day he showed up on a rainy day in july , to be only disappointed to know that server were down when doing kyc as it was throwing error multiple attempts and he finally gave up saying plz reschedule. over again no response cant reschedule as exhausted all rescheduling attempts.
2* one fine day in july after all the fiasco customer executive by mistake or little to no knowledge suggested get kyc done in near by equitas branch. took all precaution mask everything visited nearby branch some 30 km away. just to be astonished by branch manager saying we don’t do kyc here and he has never heard of niyox in the first place.
3* here now august 20 sitting and watching when will kyc be done or i will receive card.
4* again rethinking whether it was right choice to proceed further.
5* please kindly advice mods and resolve this issue.
6* this agents are not to be trusted one way. first they never come all we receive a message that we tried but could’nt get it done. its a whole different story together where niyox support says that i was not in home so agent go back. LMAO i was laughing thought of creating a nice movie out of this confusing scenarios.
7* humbly urge you to solve this matter.
A niyox customer waiting from april

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