Annoying Glitch-Pending Actions

Hi @Deepak , I’ve raised concern in March month regarding pending actions is still showing even full kyc done which is very annoying. But no action taken. I’m updating APP upto date but no change.

Hey @Hari2216! We are sorry about it. I kindly request you to share a screenshot of the app and I’ll have this checked with my team.


Resolve ASAP, very irritating. Full kyc done already but still able to raise request for KYC. Debit card received 6 months ago still showing card is on its way.

Hi @Hari2216, we understand that this has taken unbearably longer to get resolved. We are constantly following up with our team to resolve this for you. We assure you that we will get back to you as soon as we hear back from the team.

Hey @Hari2216! The issue has been resolved. We believe that the pending notification is disappeared now.


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