Angry for not support

Iam likun mishra of your nytro community and also member of your bank buy sadly iam so angry of the community bank system because my account close by without kyc in falt of system and I not got my money or chake no ame come to give me I not got suport of bank please help me and please call me I request you my resister number is 98xxxxxx10

Hey @Likin143! We strongly advise you against sharing any sort of personal details on public posts. As checked, we see that you failed to complete your full KYC within a year of account opening, and hence as per the regulations put forth by RBI, your account has been closed by the Bank. The funds in your account(if any) will directly be sent to your communication address in the form of DD. LK

I know that’s come in my adress but not now come 20days alredy gone and costomber tell me not support me what can I do so i need help nittyo camunity please help me iam so poor also I need money but bank not sent me money I use this money for my studying please help me iam helpless please request you make me a call to discuss about my need please I request you all plese

Iam likun mishra a member of your ni

Hi @Likin143, welcome to our community! As per RBI mandate, Half KYC is valid only for a year. The customer is required to complete KYC within the stipulated timeline. If KYC is not completed, the Bank imposes a debit freeze on the 357th day & the account shall be closed by the 365th-day basis of RBI mandate. For closure proceeds above Rs.50, Bank will process DD & dispatch the same ONLY to the customer’s communication address as per our Banking records. If the DD is returned undelivered, the customer shall contact the Bank & provide their other Bank a/c details along with a canceled cheque leaf. The amount shall be transferred via NEFT. If the customer insists on a re-dispatch of DD, the Bank shall do the same provided there is no change in communication address.

I really so sad I know about the kyc and other fomat but my money is not come I have 1thousant above money but not get my money and chake not come 20days alredy gone please help me please call me I request you a call I alredy tell the subject in the costomber suport but he not help me my resister number is 9861968910please help me when you help me I grate full to you
Your costomber likun mishra
No 9861968910

Please give me nitro bank mail id I want to sent him my pasbook I sent in other mail but not respond please help me

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