Amount not credited to Niyo app

Today I did an IMPS transfer of Rs. 40,000 from my ICICI bank account to Niyo Global State Bank of Mauritius account, it did not credit to my account. Though the source bank has this amount debited.
I repeated the transaction with Rs. 1 later to test and got the same issue.

Now I don’t have any assurances of getting this money back. Can you please help?

Hey @Krishna_Durai! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As we checked, the funds of Rs.41000 from the ICICI account have been credited to your Niyo SBM account. If you are inquiring about another transaction, we kindly request you to share the transaction details and we’ll have that investigated from our end. You may reach out to our Live Chat Support or write to us at from your registered email. Rest assured, your fund will be safer.


Hello Deepak,
There were 2 transactions:

The first one was through IMPS bank transfer for 40,000 which got debited from my ICICI account and didn’t get credited

The second one for Rs. 41,000 through UPI which was credited successfully.

The amount for Rs. 40,000 has not been credited yet to the source account or the Niyo bank account. Please help me get this back.

Thanks for sharing the details @Krishna_Durai! We’ll have this further investigated and it may take up to 2-3 business days. Kindly note, that if the funds are not credited to your Niyo SBM account, they may get refunded to the source account. We kindly request you to have that checked from your end.

@Krishna_Durai I have sent you a DM. Kindly request you to check and share the required details.

Sure Deepak, I’ve messaged you too.

Deepak, I can confirm I got the refund to my source account.
Thanks for engaging!

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Thanks for letting us know @Krishna_Durai!

Stay safe!