Amount not credited to Niyo App from ICICI via IMPS

Hi, my friend made a transaction of 75000 via IMPS but it has still not been credited to the Niyo account. Following is the confirmation message of the money debited

ICICI Bank Acct XX511 debited with Rs 75,000.00 on 24-May-22 & Acct XX492 credited.IMPS:214421873831. Call 18002662 for dispute or SMS BLOCK 511 to 9215676766

Kindly please help.

Hey @Soumyadeep_Sengupta! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As we checked your account, the funds were not yet credited to your DCB account. For an unsuccessful transaction, the amount might get refunded to the source account within 3 business days. We kindly request you to wait and check for the same. If it’s not refunded, you may reach out to us and we’ll have that investigated.


Hey @Soumyadeep_Sengupta

We’d like to confirm your funds have been successfully credited to your account now. Appreciate your patience. Rest assured, any moment you need assistance. We’d be more than glad to offer you the needful support. Wish you a happy weekend ahead :innocent:

Ranjith M