Amount deducted from ATM but no money was dispensed

I used my Niyo Global by DCB card in Canada and I got an email for successful ATM withdrawal but the ATM did not dispense any cash. None of the customer support numbers are working. What should I do now? I have emailed but got no response.

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Hey @Mandeep_Gabhi! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We see that the refund has been processed to your account. We kindly request you check your account balance.


Hey Deepak,

I have not received any email confirmation about it and I do not have access to the acc through the app since the phone no associated with the acc is not connected to my PAN and Aadhar card. So I don’t know how to check the balance.

@Mandeep_Gabhi We see that Rs.93061.01 has been refunded to your account. You should be able to log in to Niyo DCB app with your registered mobile number and correct log in pin.