Already in relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank

Hi Team,

I am bit disappointed in how NiyoX is working. I have been trying to create an account from morning (5th August 2022). I always get to the page of Aadhaar verification and after the OTP verification, its state I have an account with Equitas Bank and we are unable to open an account.

But, I have never created any account in Equitas Bank before, so I am not sure how this assumption was reached.

Hope I get a proper resolution and quickly. I also hope the product will become more stable.

Saurabh Kumar

Hey @arkypher! Welcome to Niyo Community!

I wish I could’ve helped you here. If you are unable to complete the onboarding for NiyoX with an error message “an existing relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank”, we are sorry to inform you that we’ll not be able to onboard you for NiyoX.

This error pops up when our system identifies your details (Aadhaar/PAN) in the Equitas Small Finance Bank records. You may not have completed the account opening with the bank, but if your details are registered with them we cannot help you and we are sorry about it.


Actually I was opening account via Niyox in morning and then in middle of account creation my internet connection lost and after 10 minutes I tried again then that’s thing coming up, and my account opening wasn’t complete so how can your system say that my account is already created if already created then you should give us option of log into that account because that account will be created through Niyox.
Please help

Hey @arkypher, As you have already had an existing relationship with Equitas bank your details are recorded with the bank, Hence we will be not able to onboard you with us. We are working on how to onboard existing customers and this may take some time. For any further assistance kindly reach out to the bank at 1800 103 1222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to mentioning your concern and the team will do their best to help you. Thank you!

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