All debits are disallowed Error

Not able to transfer any money using either UPI (Tried Niyo, IDFC, Google Pay everything) nor using account transfer in Niyo IDFC app. Getting the error “All debits are disallowed”

This might be due to non completion of biometric KYC as they have 1 lakh limit set for those accounts which havnt done the biometric kyc.
Check if you have crossed the 1 lakh limit. Else, contact support.

Hey @lucif39, we will get this checked right away. Please help us with the details asked for via inbox so that we can further look into this. SR

I haven’t done a single transaction yet. I am trying to do small value transaction and yet getting this error

In that case just make sure that you have enabled transaction and have set appropriate limit. Else, you can uninstall and reinstall the app and try again. If that doesn’t work you need to contact support. They would fix the issue.

I also have the same issue. it says that all debit transactions are disallowed

Same issue for me as well… Unable to make any debit yesterday onwards. Totally stuck with the funds.

What is happening??? Fed up.

@Subu @Lucky

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