All about micro-investing and what’s in it for you

Hey all, here’s a bit about micro-investing!

What is Micro-investing?

Micro investing, as the name implies, is investing in extremely small amounts. Micro investing allows you to maximise the growth potential of your money and give your savings a chance to outperform inflation. It simply makes that opportunity more accessible. Micro investing allows you to invest your spare change for as little as ₹1.

Benefits of micro investing:

  • Invest for as little as Rs.1 automatically from the platform.

  • Choose from a curated list of Mutual Funds to make it simple

  • You can track your spends, accumulated change and see your money grow while you spend.

How does micro-investing help, if you’re a beginner?

  • You indulge into the habit of investing even when you keep spending.

  • No guilt. No commitments, because you only save if you spend.

  • Curated list of Mutual Funds starting from ₹100 to choose from.

  • Spare change investing completely virtualizes and automates the entire process of having to manually acculturate funds and invest. No hassle, no jhkjhk!