Address Change with worst customer experience

It has been more than 15 days and you are not able to change the communication address. Shut down your business if you can’t cater to these queries immediately.

I checked with SBM bank support and they mentioned that it needs to be updated in your systems before SBM can change at their end.

The ticket id is 1357031.

I have followed up multiple times now and this community post is my last resort before I look for other options. Your chat support is the worst in the entire fintech industry. Only bot answers and that too with a templatized message. Have some courtesy to cater to customers and not just rely on building the app.

I have emailed and cc’ed the SBM bank as well and the request id in their systems is SR158591.

Could you change the address asap and I can order the card?

Hey @krishiv

We sincerely regret the delay. This time it’s quite unusual. We’re following this up with the bank for an update. Worry not, we’re here to ease your work. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you once an update is shared with us.

Ranjith M

You have taken more than 15 days already for a mere communication address change. How much more time you need?

I have provided you with SBM bank’s internal request id as well (SR158591). This was a part of your job to follow up and not mine. Still, you are in that process only.