Add 3rd party ASBA

Hi guys,

I read your posts about ipo and mutual funds, I do apply ipo trough niyo however it would be great if you allow 3rd ASBA applications for ipo.

Many banks allows apto 5 application per account, with time limit of 2pm on ipo closing day. And very few allow upto 3 Pm.

It would also be great for you as more money has to put in into the account for applying more ipo applications. Also you will edge others if you allow upto 3 Pm.

The team is doin great job

Much love from another banker

Hey @Jayant_Ingle1! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your time in sharing your views and experience. :blush:

Currently, we do not support any 3rd party IPO applications. We allow support applications backed by UPI mandates until 5 PM on a closing day. However, we’ve forwarded your feedback to our product team and we’ll try to bring them in future updates.


just a few days ago and the other one is a bit of a mess but I think it’s a bit of a mess with the old one though and the other one is a bit more than a few hundred pounds worth of money for the money but I think it’s worth it for the rest of the season to be honest and I will probably be having a few quid off the amazon one now and the amazon one is a bit more expensive than the postage cost but I have a couple of other options for the postage