Actual photos of NiyoX cards

Where can I see actual camerw clicked photos of NiyoX cards to make a decision about which one to get.

Virtual render and actual card can differ a lot and thr one which looks good in virtually rendered image might not look good in real life.

So maybe someone from Niyo can post an image of both the cards here!

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Hi there!

Welcome to the Niyo Community! Here are pictures of the Visa Platinum Debit Card options our customers have sent us, take a look. :slight_smile: Hope this makes your decision making easier.

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I would recommend the teal one :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Aswathy_Nambiar this definitely vlears up my doubts regarding the black one :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vinay_Bagri you are right, teal looks the coolest. Btw, any plans on introducing a minimal metal card!! maybe as a paid option, lol :sweat_smile:

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Yes, we will have 2 more versions in next few months - Signature card for sure and maybe Metal that would be either paid or available based on certain criteria. Cheers


So, should I wait for the new ones? Or will I be able to upgrade to the new one when you release it?

Go ahead with Teal. You can opt for the new ones as and when they become available. As I mentioned it may be a few months away so you can start off with the platinum card now.

Once signature is launched, you can go for replacement if you like the design.


Thanks @Vinay_Bagri for helping out. I really hope you guys use metal for thr signature one (even if its paid upgrade for end user). Kudos to your team for amazing work :slight_smile:


Thanks. We will try our best to keep innovating on design, value and experience. Regards


Woahh!! A metal card? Take my moneyyy :stuck_out_tongue:
Would love it!


@Vinay_Bagri Is there any yearly charges on the visa card or may be in upcoming future.

Hi Aman,

It is waived conditionally. We will come back with the terms this month.


I had chosen the Morse card when scheduling the KYC. After seeing the actual pics, the teal one looks amazing. Is there any way I can opt for the teal one instead of the black? My KYC is not yet done, just to be clear.

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Hi Nithya,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you :frowning:

Till the time your biometric is completed you can chose your card details from NiyoX app itself.
Rolling out some interesting update to you :slight_smile: - Black Morse card is now all matte and you might like it , sharing a picture from customer for better reference.

Hope this helps.


Now, I would recommend the black card. The matte finish s quite good. You should also try to read what the morse code on the card (parallel) to Visa logo says. It would be fun. :slight_smile:


I just received my card few mins back, it seems like a matte finish card (as there are no reflections on the card)

I took two pics, first one in a little shaded area and second one in direct natural light. I think my google cam is picking up the faintest of scratches in sufficient light and making it look worse than the normal look (like the first pic). I have to look really up close in an angle to notice the scratches. Would have loved it if there were no scratches at all, though :slight_smile:

PS: the morse code spells out NIYO


Uh-huh! :confused: Sorry about this, we’ll definitely replace this card for you!
All you need to do is place a replacement request using your NiyoX app.
Here is how you can do it:

Log in to the NiyoX app and block your existing VISA Platinum Debit Card
Tap on ‘Order’
Choose the card design ‘Morse Code’ or ‘Illustration Style’ as per your liking
Choose your naming style you would like to be printed on the card
Tap on ‘Next’
Voila! Your request for a card replacement is now placed

Note: The replacement card is free of cost till 30th June 2021. Card delivery will take approximately 15 days from the date you placed the replacement order.

P.S Yes the morse code says Niyo. Glad you noticed! :grinning:


Dear, NiyoX team,
Kindly bring the metal card as an option.


They’ll get it in a few months, mostly VISA Signature Card as previously said by Vinay Bagri.


Even my card is scratched, I am blocking and ordering new.
I hope I am not charged for the replacement