Actual photos of NiyoX cards

Where can I see actual camerw clicked photos of NiyoX cards to make a decision about which one to get.

Virtual render and actual card can differ a lot and thr one which looks good in virtually rendered image might not look good in real life.

So maybe someone from Niyo can post an image of both the cards here!

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Hi there!

Welcome to the Niyo Community! Here are pictures of the Visa Platinum Debit Card options our customers have sent us, take a look. :slight_smile: Hope this makes your decision making easier.

I would recommend the teal one :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Aswathy_Nambiar this definitely vlears up my doubts regarding the black one :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vinay_Bagri you are right, teal looks the coolest. Btw, any plans on introducing a minimal metal card!! maybe as a paid option, lol :sweat_smile:

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Yes, we will have 2 more versions in next few months - Signature card for sure and maybe Metal that would be either paid or available based on certain criteria. Cheers


So, should I wait for the new ones? Or will I be able to upgrade to the new one when you release it?

Go ahead with Teal. You can opt for the new ones as and when they become available. As I mentioned it may be a few months away so you can start off with the platinum card now.

Once signature is launched, you can go for replacement if you like the design.

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Thanks @Vinay_Bagri for helping out. I really hope you guys use metal for thr signature one (even if its paid upgrade for end user). Kudos to your team for amazing work :slight_smile:


Thanks. We will try our best to keep innovating on design, value and experience. Regards


Woahh!! A metal card? Take my moneyyy :stuck_out_tongue:
Would love it!