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Really bad experience i have opened my account here about 1-2 weeks ago but I’m unable to add my account in any UPI apps.
When I try add in UPI it shows no account found.
When I talk to customer support every time the creat a ticket but nothing happens.
Really bad experience

Same here. Only tickets are created but no resolution. Tried adding sbm in every third party app but “due to technical reasons” it fails in all of them.
SBM is not providing any support saying contact Niyo and Niyo is just creating ticket to no avail

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Yes everytime sbm bank is also now responding to emails

@Deepak @Vinay_Bagri
Would you guys please look at this ?
This type of friction between issue and resolution leaves sour taste for the end customers.
How can we trust Niyo if we are not able to transfer money due to server issues , UPI issues ?
Trust is of utmost importance in Financial sector and very little is being done from niyo in making them Trustable .

Hey @Dheerendra_Kushwaha @mstr! Inconvenience regretted! :bowing_man:

A few of the users are facing the UPI issue and we’ve escalated this to the bank and are following up with them on a priority basis. In the meantime, we request you to use IMPS/NEFT mode to transfer the funds and use the PoS/Ecom/ATM mode of transactions.

@Dheerendra_Kushwaha we kindly request you to inbox us your registered mobile number and help us with a screenshot so that we’ll have this investigated.