Account pending for past 3 days

I have given all my details regarding the Aadhar and PAN card with the phone number . However, for the past 3 days, it is showing me 2 pages alternately- either too many attempts or account creation pending. How many days does it usually take? I am a student who wants to go abroad for studies. I would like to apply for the global card.

Please help me out here. @Lucky @Bansari

Thanks a lot
Swarnendu Sengupta


I submitted all my eKYC documents on Niyo sbm app yesterday and since then my account creation is in process. I have my flight on 15th August and did not think this whole process would take 2 weeks. Please help. @Bansari @lucky2 @ashrithjain

Hey @swarnendu ! Welcome to Niyo community! We’re edited your message as it contained sensitive information. We respect your privacy

@shaurya_sharma @swarnendu
As the app is still in beta phase, you might encounter a few hiccups here and there! Rest assured, we’re rigorously working to provide you with a better banking space and are currently debugging the issues. Request you to please retry later. Regret the inconvenience


I’m facing an issue while creating a new account for my sister. it is showing ckyc error

@ashrithjain As I am boarding for Sweden on 15th aug, can the card be sent to my address there?

Hey @Puneet_Takkar ! You’re facing a CKYC issue and not an “Account creation pending issue” unfortunately, we cannot proceed further with the onboarding. Meanwhile, if you do have a CKYC record, please DM us the CKYC number.