Account opening is still pending

My account opening is still pending please resolve it as soon as possible
My registered Mobile:8555829267

Hey @sriram_tarun! Welcome to Niyo Community!

There seems to be a problem that has occurred while creating an account for you. This has been highlighted to the concerned team who will have this checked. Kindly note, that it may take slightly longer to have this fixed. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we receive an update from our team.


I have given all the details which they asked for. How come the problem occurs for account opening?

Hi @sriram_tarun, we at Niyo perfectly understand how things are important to our users and we treat them with a high level of care and accuracy to meet all expectations. Rest assured we have escalated your issue to the concerned team. We try our best to complete this as early as possible.

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I will wait for ine more day. if still the problem is not solved, ill move to buy a forex card.

please resolve it as soon as possible because my international trip is less than 2 weeks

Hi @sriram_tarun, Since our users’ needs are so essential to us at Niyo, we treat them with the utmost consideration and precision to live up to their expectations. Rest assured that we have notified the appropriate team about your issue. We make every effort to finish this as quickly as we can.

Hi @sriram_tarun, regret the delay in response. As we checked we see that your account is successfully created. For any further assistance kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.