Account not unfreeze yet

How much time you’re taking in this matter. Already one week has passed from you emailed me earlier. Now what is the problem to unfreeze my account even I already sent my declaration. Also equitas bank also provided you update then now what are you doing ?

Very very worst service from niyox bank. How can you freeze customer’s account without informing them. And If you freeze any account it’s takes lot of time to unfreeze any account. Even in my case I’m struggling so far to unfreeze my account.

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Hey @Ashraf_Ansari

As we checked, your account has been unfreezed already, We request you to try making transactions and reach out to us in case you need assistance. Also, request you to confirm if you’re in the updated version of the app.

Ranjith M

Thanks Niyox
My account was freezed due to wrong transition but thanks Aakash sir to solve my problem and unfreeze my account.
Niyox team and equitas bank is very helpful bank to solve our problem.

Ashraf Ansari.

This is I think The Problem With Small Finance Banks Even AU101 Freezed My Account

Better to open account in Fi or Jupiter as they are backed up by Federal a far stronger Bank.

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Yeah I think you are right. I also have a fi account but I didn’t faced any issue so far.

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