Account Not Activated (KYC done)

Hi there, i opened my sb account with niyo on February and i have submitted all the documents required and completed video KYc too. After i have completed the KYC the agent said that my account will be activated within a few days. Not a thing happened. Again on March i contacted them via live chat and asked about it. They told me its an issue on their side and will solve it asap. Now its almost at the end of June and my account is still not activated and cant order my Debit Card. What’s the use of all these advancements on your banking platform if you still cant fulfill the basic process like opening an sb account. I am tired of contacting you guys over a basic sb account.

Hey @ashlysaj ! We regret the inconvenience. Upon checking, we see that your Video KYC verification has been rejected from the Bankside. Not to worry! We request you to re-try again.

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