Account in Debit freeze

I have opened IDFC and Niyo IDFC accounts 10 days ago. IDFC account is active and am able to do the transactions but Niyo IDFC account is in debit freeze.

It’s been more than a week I am following up daily with your customer care over whatsapp. Every time the response will be the issue will be resolved in 24-48 hours but no resolution till now.

And the funniest part, I got a mail saying that the issue is resolved. But the issue persists. I got this mail multiple times and everytime when I check, the same issue exists.

How long do I need to wait for this issue to be resolved?

I do say to your team that dont commit 1-2 days every time. If you need more time, then let me know it upfront as I m ready to wait. But these guys will keep on saying 1-2 days and nothing will happen.

Your customer care is really torturing me.

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