Account Freezed

I started new niyo idfc account and deposited 10000Rs as an initial savings. Now it says my account is freezed and I am not able to move my funds! I am stuck!!

Hey Karthik! Welcome to the Niyo Community. We regret for the inconvenience. Our best hands are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. We shall keep you posted on this. SR

The issue should be resolved now Karthik! We request you to proceed further with the onboarding, there shouldn’t be any problem. LK

I am having same problem

Hey Neeraj! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Our sincere apologies for the hassle. We have raised your issue with IDFC team and it should be resolved in 2 business days from today. Thank you for your patience in the matter. LK

Thanks for a Triggered automated reply, I think after opening account we should need a real people who handle us.

Please look into this matter it’s been week now.

They don’t even tell what is the reason .

It is frezzed not able to do anything with my money

Absolutely understand your concern Neeraj! Please rest assured, we are following up constantly on this and we will try to update you as soon as we can. LK

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