Account creation pending...solve

The service by niyo global is so slow… I made the account on app…then it showed within 2 hourse account will be created but nothing has happened since then…even they are not replying via the online chat…there is a bot kept replying we are busy…and even there is no contact no… please solve my issue

Hello @Mudasir ! This is not the experience we want you to have with us. We have escalated this issue to our team. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.-WB

Please provide any contact no. Other than 18602586496…as i try to call on this no… it says call from your registered number, even though i am calling from my registered number…

Hello @Mudasir ! We’re sorry to inform you that we do not have a call support team at the moment. Please do not worry! We will proactively inform you once we have an update. - WB

I actually need the debit card immediately for my travel purpose… Please solve the issue asap

Even I have been asking the same. No one is responding. The process is very slow. Can’t they just create an account.? Please create my account. I’m in urgent need of the card.

There is no single update by the team. Its just a simple process of making an account why are you make it look like launching a rocket to mars.

Hi @Mudasir, we are sorry to inform you that, as per RBI guidelines, we are forced to restrict our services in certain regions and it may take some more time for us to restart our services in your region. Appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Hi @Bhavana_Padala, regret the delay in response. As we checked we are glad that your account is created successfully on 17-08-2022 at 12:36:05 PM. For any further help kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better. Please do share me feedback.