Account Creation Pending since 9 days

Hey! My account creation has been pending for more than 9 days and is stuck on the last step. Even after multiple emails, it hasn’t been resolved. Please let me know if you cannot provide me with an account so that I can move on to other service providers. I urgently require a forex card as I am leaving for US in 2 weeks.


Hi @Sumeghasinghania

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We regret the inconvenience. We are looking into it and shall update you with a resolution soon. Rest assured! “It’s the flaw that brings out the beauty” :innocent:


Can provide me the solution too because it’s been a week I have the problem, kindly look into it . I have sent you the Mobile no. In your Dm @Ranjith

Well turns out it’s just a flaw. It has been 15 days now without any update regarding the account creation. Still stuck on the account creation pending page. Time to move on to other banks and suggest others to do the same. Regret wasting time here.

do you have any suggestion for other cards? I’m leaving for UK soon too and am skeptical whether i’d be able to open my account on time either

@iamadityamalik You could try it has zero Forex markup
And you can easily open account with video kyc

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