Account creation pending since 5 days

I am trying to create an account. But it’s showing like this from 5 to 6 days,

I already raised a ticket. The ticket no is 1108243
How many days it still takes??
Can you make it quick pls?

Hey @SagarsrujanS! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This is something unusual :worried: But not to worry, we’ve escalated this Account Creation Pending issue to our tech team. Our team will follow up with the bank and try to get this resolved at the earliest.


I am trying to create an account. But it’s showing account creation pending.

I already raised a ticket.
Ticket no is 1108243
Can you solve this as soon as possible please.

@Deepak it’s already been 10 days. But there is no improvement in my ticket status. How many days it takes. Can you make it quick pls?

@SagarsrujanS! This issue has been escalated to the bank and we are following up with them. Unfortunately, it’s taking a longer time than expected. We’ll confirm with you once we receive an update for the same.

In case, if your travel date is approaching, the meantime, we’d request you to try NiyoX which you can use for your international transactions.


@Deepak its been months, but still no improvement. How many days it takes to do it ?
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Hey @SagarsrujanS! We are sorry about it this. As we’ve checked the logs, it is observed that there is a mismatch between the live photo captured and your Aadhaar. You may have to update your Aadhaar and retry.

Actually, I already updated my Aadhaar. Is there a chance to start my process from beginning.