Account creation pending Niyo SBM

Hey, I am stuck at the last step, the account creation thing. It shows account creation pending. It’s been like this for more than a month. I tried contacting niyo in different ways, but I didn’t get any response. I have leave next month abroad and I request you to please look into matter as early as possible.

Hey @ijaz_ahamed ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re sorry you had to face this issue. Stay noted that onboarding process is 100% digital and automatic. You’ll be notified via email once your account is successfully created. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:


Thank you for your reply. May I know how long this process will take? As I have to leave abroad for higher studies within a month. If the issue cannot be resolved from your side then I have to look for other alternatives.

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Hi Niyo Team,

I am travelling abroad too and I am facing the same issue along with Kyc pending. Could anyone from your team ACT RESPONSIBLE and actually respond back to the tickets created.? I am travelling this month end.

Can your agent reply Atleast to the 100 emails which I have sent to you

niyo team, Account creation pending!! I have successfully completed KYC, but why hasn’t the account been created yet ?I request the team to process account creation soon. I need to order sbm global soon, as I have to leave for studies abroad in 20 days.Screenshot_2021-08-16-15-25-09-54_cf49cc55815765bc226bb15f4e8b32fa|230x500

@ashrithjain any update on my issue?

Hi @ijaz_ahamed @ALAPATI_02

Sorry for the miss :confused:
Could you please write this our support through Niyo SBM App > Menu > Support, there are chances you might get instant solutions without waiting for our response here.


Hi @Sitararai90 ,

Could you please help us with the ticket numbers so that we can look into it right away and further investigate this for you.


Hi @Bansari, how can I access menu and support, if I cannot open an account in the app. I’m still stuck at account creation pending step. I wrote mails but no proper response.

Hi @ijaz_ahamed ,

Any ticket ID I can refer to?


Mam my ticket no is 1048255 my issue is in the pending of my account creation could you pls look into this