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I tried to register on niyo global earlier but couldn’t because date of birth in aadhar/pan was not the same in passport. Cc adviced me to use niyox until I sort that issue.
My name in aadhar/pan was not the full name as in passport. So I applied to correct that also. I tried to register on niyox after updating aadhar but before updating pan. So niyo x registration also failed due to name mismatch. Today I got the pan also updated but still same error is showing because now it takes me directly to aadhar verification without asking for pan. I think the system is still using the same details it fetched from pan so it still does not match. How can I enter pan again and do the registration? Can you reset my account creation process so that I can do it from start once again?

My email farsinroshan ({at}) gmail com
Mobile number - nine nine nine five three nine three nine two four.

I had mismatch in details in pan/aadhar and passport. So was unable to open niyo global until I correct it. So cc adviced me to open niyox. But the issue is i tried opening it when I already corrected my name in aadhar to match passport but pan card update was under processing. Niyox account creation also failed due to name mismatch in aadhar and pan. I was expecting that I would be able to register once I get my pan update done. Today I got pan updated but when I try to open niyox, still it gives error that name does not match. I guess since my pan details is already fetched before, still the aadhar data is being compared to that old pan data. How can I enter pan details again and start the registration process from the beginning again?

My registered email - farsinroshan ({[at]}) gmail com

Phone number nine nine nine five three nine three nine two four.

Hey @farsin_fars! Your Aadhaar has been successfully verified. You should get an option to enter your PAN details. We kindly request you to proceed with it and try completing the NiyoX onboarding procedure. If you are stuck on any page, please share a screen recording of it with us at from your registered email id.


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Thank you for the response, deepak.
Tried again but still returns the same error. Will send an email to the id you provided.

FYI it didn’t give option to enter PAN details again. Took directly to aadhar verification.

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