Account creation in niyo global

My father and mother was trying to create niyo global account. But after aadhar verification also it’s not happening. Asking to repeat the stepnfrom begining.

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This shouldn’t have happened. We kindly request you to write to us at from the registered email id sharing a relevant screenshot or screen recording and we’ll have our team to check this.


If I can share the registered mobile number can you check and update what’s the issue

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@sandeep_nambiar you may send us a direct message to us and share the number and screenshot.

Pm sent. Please check and revert

@sandeep_nambiar thanks for sharing the details. The issue has been highlighted to our team. It may take a slightly longer time to generate a CKYC number through the Niyo wealth account and then to proceed with the account creation.

How long. 1day or 2 day?

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! The issue has been resolved and an account has been created for you. Hope you were able to log in to the Niyo SBM app to access the account. For any help, reach out to our in-app Live Chat Support and our team will assist you.


Still not done. Taking to esign page only and not moving

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Waiting for a response. It’s been more than a week we are behind support

It’s been 6 days. No response from you. What should we do ?

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! Upon investigation, our team has identified that you have to submit a few more details through the app. Kindly request you to religion and share the details asked on the app.

@Deepak have submitted again. Saying it’s reweing the application. Hope account will be activated this time

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! Your account has been created. You should be able to log in to the Niyo SBM app and access your account. For any help, reach out to our live chat support through the app and we are happy to assist you.


No. It’s again rejected… saying signature mismatch.This is really disappointing. Signing on the screen may have some variation. Let me know how to expedite this as you don’t need any signature in any future needs

We see that your account has been created successfully. Can you please check by reinstalling the app? If there is any issue, please share a relevant screenshot and we’ll have that checked.


@Deepak don’t tell lies. I have reinstated the app. After login in its saying CKYC not found. It’s been 18th time i am communicating with this bank support. Kindly provide telephone support or please delete this data from your server. We will go for other service providers.

Client is unable to sign on screen using finger as it’s difficult compared to signing with pen

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! We are sorry about this. We are having this checked with our team. Kindly allow us some time and we’ll update the status to you.

Hey @sandeep_nambiar! Your father’s Niyo Global by SBM account has been created successfully. We believe that he’s able to access it through the Niyo Global by SBM app. For any help, reach out to our Live Chat Support through the app and we are happy to assist you. We once again thank you for your patience and for allowing us to serve you.