Account Creation failed

Create Account step fails with error - Customer ID already present. No way to contact customer support. What is to be done?

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There is no way to contact customer support from the app, if the onboarding is not complete. Are you running a bank or a developer forum?

What is the process to get your documents/deleted if the account creation process fails? This kind of service makes me feel jittery.

Hey Ravi! We’d like to know what went wrong and fix it for you. We may require certain information from you in this case & recommend you to write to us at so that we can get to the roots of the issue and nail it. ∞VS

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Already did. Dropped a note to as well. No updates since 4 days. Very disappointed with the customer service & the whole waitlisting process/gimmick. I would just request to get my personal data deleted as I no longer want to open an account. It is easier to get an account opened in a Public Sector Bank than a so called neo bank!

Hey Ravi! Opening an account is as simple with us . For any Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank account related queries, please write to us at and we will assist you in a jiffy! ∞VS

As I said, I already dropped a note to as well as I have been waiting since 4 days. Maybe you have a new definition of jiffy, which I am not aware of. Also, if you are not a bot, you could have easily answered few of the concerns.

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Hey Ravi, I agree with you. Niyo needs to step up their customer support.
I have been waiting from last 4 days for a revert from them. I have already mailed them and tried to contact them via social media but I haven’t received any response yet.

I had faced issue while creating Niyo IDFC SB Account as I had existing account with IDFC First Bank, Now NIYO fixed these issues, I did create my account seamlessly as in the app, it shown me my existing relationship with IDFC and asked me to proceed… I proceeded to created Niyo Account, account created in 1 minute & no KYC required as I am already account holder with IDFC. Now I have two SB accounts with IDFC (one directly and one with Niyo). Try with latest APP from Playstore.

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