Account creation error

I can see this,we cannot create your account

With your details, we coudn’t find a match in CKYC database. We’re sorry but we cannot proceed forward without a CKYC entry.

Ticket number: 1166661

Hey @Gurman

As we checked, your CKYC details updated doesn’t meet the onboarding criteria. Therefore, we cannot have you onboard with us. Regret the inconvenience.


Hi @Ranjith ,
If i signup for any other account life saving from Niyo then will NIyoX get CKYC done for me and then will I be able to apply for niyo global by SBM.

Hey @Aman_Chaudhary! Welcome to Niyo Community!

NiyoX is partnered with Equitas Small Finance Bank. We’ve already requested the bank to update the user details in the CKYC records. However, the bank is still taking time for it. To get your CKYC details updated, we recommend, investing in mutual funds through the NiyoX account or opening an account with any other bank which can update CKYC details at the earliest.