Account closure of Niyo IDFC

Hey i have have an Niyo DCB, NiyoX and Niyo global SBM and Niyo IDFC. Now i would like to close the IDFC account, please help me to close in online. There have no branche in my city, its not useful anymore, because it don’t have an zero markup. Please helpe to close the account. Thank you.

Hey @Arun_Kumar . To get your IDFC First account closed, kindly reach out to IDFC First Bank’s customer care. But, do note that Niyo IDFC Visa Platinum card still has zero forex markup and is still free forever. You continue to enjoy all the benefits that were promised to you on the day of account opening unless any kind of intimation.


Then still its zero balance account?

Hey @Arun_Kumar . It is still a Zero Balance SA.

I’m currently using Niyo IDFC FIRST BANK account & didn’t faced any problem till date. I’m using it as my primary account & will continue till IDFC changes account services & charge. It is one of the best saving account.

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