Account Blocked/Frozen


My Sbm bank account shows that it is Blocked/Frozen for undisclosed reasons.
It happened all of a sudden today evening .
I am not able to recieve any payments in my account nor transfer funds from my account .
Can anybody help me with why my account is blocked.

Hey @Steve1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

I’ve sent you a private message. Would request you to please check and revert.


Hi @Deepak ,

I have replied you there

My account frozen also today morning,

Hey @pardeep_Singh1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry about it. As we’ve checked, your account has been marked as Debit Freeze by the bank due to a cyber crime case that has been reported on your account. CYBER CRIME CASE – 33707220016371. You might have received a communication from the bank on this. You have to contact the cyber crime department and the bank to unfreeze your account.


Hello sir, i visited the cybercrime office yesterday and they dont have any complaint registered against me.i gave them the case id as well and they couldn’t find anything related in their system.

Also i have not recieved any email from SBM bank or cyber crime department so far,then how it is possible without notice they can freeze account.

Kindly help me .

Hey @pardeep_Singh1! We’ll try to help you with more details on it. We kindly request you to allow us time for 2 business days.

Worst Possible Service by Niyo . My account is still not unblocked . It’s been 2 weeks . I contact the SBM bank and they are saying Niyo Global has asked them to freeze the account and when I ask Niyo they say there are in touch with the Bank .
From 2 weeks I am constantly following up and Niyo is still not able to sort out my issues .
Also amount has been debited 2 weeks back for failed transactions and is till not refunded .
The Worst experience I have faced in banking .

2 days or 2 years You asked for ?
Sbm bank ask me to contact niyo global and no support from you

Hey @pardeep_Singh1! We are sorry for keeping you waiting. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get much information to help you. We have escalated this and are following up to find out what best we can help. We understand that it’s taking a long time and we are sorry about it.