Account activation taking longer than expected

I have initiated the account creation and it’s showing it takes 15 days to create the account
I have planned my travel in 2nd week of Oct and if I don’t get my card by then it would be of no use applying for one !
Is there any chance that I’ll get my account created and the physical card delivered by then?

And u guys advertise that the account opening is smooth and it will be created instantly!
But i see most of them are facing issues in account opening and are waiting for months to get the account created!


Hi @Nikhita, welcome them to our community! we are sorry to inform you that as per our findings, we see that you have not met the minimum onboarding criteria to onboard for the Niyo Global by SBM account. Your CKYC account type is Simplified-based e-KYC whereas we need at least one full CKYC entry to onboard you. We will let you know once we have a solution around this through our social channels. Stay tuned!

Hello , on 14th of august 2022. I applied for Niyo global , but till now when i open the app, it is showing that preparing your wealth account, and i am a student. Now i am in kazakhstan. I need to know the reason.