Accidently Got Converted into 25k MAB Account

So , What happened is … When my Niyo IDFC First SA’s KYC wasn’t completed , as my City Kanpur wasn’t serviceable by Niyo Team (My Niyo IDFC Acc did somehow open since i was in the early waitlist and i had deposited 10k… and that time , it didn’t use to throw an error while opening an account in an unserviceable area , I even got the Debit card before KYC , lol ) , so I went to nearest IDFC First Bank Branch and they filled out an Account Upgradation form of My Account (Not recommended), I thought that kyc could be completed via this form , but it didn’t . I waited for days.
After that, I went to Delhi a few weeks ago, and there my NIyo IDFC First SA’s KYC + Biometric was completed !
When I came back from Delhi , after a few days …I received a message from IDFC First Bank that your Account Upgradation Request is Processed and Successful .
Now , my Account is 25k MAB Savings account .(I have also received Visa Signature Card which I have not Activated ) Although , I can access the account from Niyo app seamlessly , I want it to change back to Niyo Zero Balance Account !

I know this is a peculiar Problem that only i will be facing in the entire community but hey , it shows how many loopholes does this arrangement has !

Hey there! We are working on your concern and we will get back to you shortly with an update. LK

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I’ll be waiting for a reply soon .

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