Absolutely appalling customer service

From yesterday I’m unable to withdraw cash with my Niyo card and the support has done nothing to fix my problem.

After explaining everything on whatsapp they called me to know about the issue and then they put my ticket on hold saying I didn’t provide them enough info.

A family member is hospital right now and I can’t do the basic withdrawal with this card and nobody even cares to fix the problem for me. Their toll free number 18602586496 also doesn’t work. I’m going to make a complaint with the banking ombudsman for sure.

Guys please don’t count on Niyo for emergencies.

Hey Subodh! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We absolutely understand your urgency here and we would like to inform you that the issue has been resolved. We have also made a note of your feedback to ensure that you don’t have to go through such an experience again. LK

The toll free number mentioned on your website 1860 258 6496 is not in service and I get an error Server Unreachable when I try to call. I have seen other people complaining about the same.

Can you explain why being a banking service you are so careless to let the phone service be disrupted for so many days even after customer complaints?

This shows you either don’t care about your customer issues or just don’t want any more business from them.

Hey Subodh! The number is indeed in service. We have raised the issue, as you mentioned, about you being unable to reach the team with your registered number. You can always use the WhatsApp option in the app or write to us to raise a callback request too. Our best efforts are always towards ensuring that we can serve you well. We thank you for choosing us! LK

The number definitely is not in service as I tried calling from multiple numbers and it just doesn’t connect and gives an error. There are other posts in the forum complaining the same.

As a banking service, there are emergencies when I would like to reach you immediately through a phone but I can’t right now.

I would just close this account if Niyo thinks not having the phone number in service is okay.