About CKYC issue, CKYC done

Hi team,

I’m seeing CKYC issue when I’m trying to apply for Niyo Global card.

I have a full CKYC submitted and have with me the 14 digit reference number as well.

Can you guys please help me clear this bug ?

I can share more details if you need.

Thank you,

Hey @harikiran_gc! As per our system, we observed that you have a CKYC number which is OTP-Based e-KYC. To onboard for Niyo Global by SBM, the CKYC type should be a Normal one instead of OTP-Based. For this reason, we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM and we are sorry about it. :slightly_frowning_face: You may connect with KYC Registration Agency like Karvy or CVLKRA to update your KYC details.


Hi Deepak, I just checked and I do have the CKYC in Normal mode. Here is the Screenshot of the same.

Also, I have another CKYC record updated recently in the normal mode on 24 Mar 2022.

I can share you with the PDF of the same as received from CKYC.

Please check, looks like a bug at your end.

Let me know what else you need to verify?

Kindly inbox us your CKYC number (Normal mode) and we’ll have that checked with our team.