Aadhaar OTP based account opening

Hi, i want to open Niyox Savings account. I already opened account using aadhaar OTP in one of the indian Payments Bank now not able to convert to Full kyc due to name mismatch in aadhaar and pan. So rectified name in Pan and matched with aadhaar . Now my name is same in both aadhaar and pan. So even after rectifying the name that payments Bank not allowing to convert to Full kyc showing same error name mismatch. Customer care too not willing to help. So there is no mistake from my side I am interested to convert full kyc but customer care not helping. Here my question is i already have aadhaar OTP account Now can I open another OTP based account in niyox? Any issues will occur?

Hey @ttthillainayaki ! Welcome to Niyo Community.

We appreciate your interest in NiyoX. (1) If your name is the same on Aadhaar and pan, you can certainly complete the Onboarding and create a NiyoX account successfully.
(2) Once your account is created successfully you can easily complete KYC Via Online(Video KYC) through the NiyoX app. - WB

Is Video kyc tomorrow (Sunday) available? And what’s the video kyc timings?

We recommend you complete the video KYC on bank business days from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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