A Full KYC Account Brings you Exclusive Benefits

Decoupled! Complete KYC Now, Choose to Order Card Later.:heavy_check_mark:

Hey everyone,

If you onboarded NiyoX recently or you’ve been a Minimum KYC user for a while, you would have noticed that in order to schedule a biometric appointment to complete your KYC, you also had to order the physical debit card. There was no choice. Now we have decoupled the two, which means you can become a full KYC customer and not order the card if you don’t want to!

The popularity of online payments and UPI payments at physical stores is growing steadily. If you want to enjoy the industry-best interest rate of 7% p.a.* and all the benefits of a Full KYC account, without having to order the card.:grinning:

What are the benefits of a Full KYC account?

An upgrade to a Full KYC account will bring you better benefits such as:

  • No limit on account balance you can keep in savings account
  • No limit on your account validity
  • 7% Interest* p.a on account balance
  • Higher spending limit
  • Increased “Fund Transfer” and “UPI Payment” limits
  • Eligibility for “Tap and Pay” VISA Platinum Card with ZERO forex markup
  • “Salary Rewards”: Earn scratch card for up to ₹250/month for a year

Go ahead and Complete KYC Now

What are the benefits of a physical debit card?

A physical NiyoX VISA Platinum Debit Card however comes with high-end features and allows:

  • “Tap and Pay” for contactless payments at stores
  • ATM Withdrawals
  • ZERO forex markup on international payments

Order your physical NiyoX card later at your convenience.

Learn more about the benefits of a Min. KYC versus a Full KYC account.


Team Niyo

*On account balance ₹5-50 lakhs

Can existing equitas /whose account is closed for not completing full kyc open niyox account?

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Hey @imashish! Currently, we cannot open a NiyoX account to someone who had a relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank. NiyoX account cannot be opened even though their account has been closed with Equitas Small Finance Bank. However, feedback has been shared with our team and we’ll definitely reach out to you in case we onboard such users in the future.

Thank you!

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