6 ways Invest the Change is your secret investing super-power 🦸

We have good news! Now you can turn on Invest The Change on your NiyoX app in less than a minute. Haven’t tried it out yet? Here are some reasons you should Turn it ON right away @ https://niyoxi.onelink.me/tEhp/20d2c222

  • Start small :hatching_chick:: Your minimum round-up change can be as low as ₹1, investing couldn’t get easier than this!

  • Build a spend-and-invest habit :weight_lifting_man:: The entirely automated process makes it effortless yet habitual

  • Easy investing :money_mouth_face: : The 2-in-1 NiyoX savings and wealth account makes it easy to save and invest with a single app.

  • Easy tracking :compass: : The mechanism to track your spending, accumulated spare change, and the subsequent investments is at your fingertips.

  • Flexibility :control_knobs: : You can change your rounding up limits at any time and also switch this feature on/off in a single click.

  • No commitment, no lock-in :ring: :stop_sign:: No monthly commitments and you can withdraw the invested money whenever you want. It will get credited to your account in a few working days.

With Invest the Change, NiyoX will help you start your investing journey without you having to change anything that you do. Isn’t that great, all the benefits of a habit without any of the effort!

Get started now to take the first steps towards regular investing.

Happy investing spending :sunglasses:!

P.S. Do check it out and let us know your feedback in the comments below. If you can’t see the feature yet, make sure you have the latest app installed.

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Continuing the discussion from 6 ways Invest the Change is your secret investing super-power :superhero::

will you be allowing flexible SIP amount for Invest The Change currently it is INR 100.

Also, where will the change be stored in before it gets upto INR100.

Hey Amey,

Thanks for your comment. The accumulated change(lumpsum) will get invested automatically once it reaches ₹100.

Ex: Your accumulated change is ₹98, and you make a trxn of ₹6, based on round-up to 10, the spare change for this txn would be ₹4 and the accumulated change will become ₹98+₹4=₹102. This ₹102 will get invested.

The money will not be debited till the accumulated change reaches ₹100. It will remain in your savings account only. Once it reaches ₹100, the amount will be debited from the savings account.

Hey Amey,

Regarding flexible SIP amount: We are looking into the available options.
Can you please help us with what does you want to set it as and why?

Continuing the discussion from 6 ways Invest the Change is your secret investing super-power :superhero::

Hi Saurabh,

By flexible SIP option I mean, allowing mutual fund scheme to be selected on collection of change of INR. 100
INR 500 and 1000 option also made available.

Notifying user when more than 100 change is collected and making user to develop habit of investment by adding to the change amount collected and then investing in any scheme.

Thanks Amey for explaining it in detail. Currently we are exploring the selection of mutual fund scheme based on accumulated change till ₹500.

We will look into the other part, in which you can add the amount in the accumulated change and invest in any scheme.

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