25k NiyoX users have turned ON 'Invest the Change'💰, have you?

We launched ‘Invest the Change’ two months ago on NiyoX with an aim to make saving and investing as easy as spending for our users. Just switch it on, and it rounds up all your spends and invests in a mutual fund so that it can grow. It is ideal for someone who finds it difficult to set aside a fixed sum of money at the start of the month for investing and doesn’t have any money left at the end of the month to invest - in short most of us! :smiley:

And indeed, it seems like we’ve hit the right chord with the millennials as just in a couple of months we have more than 25,000 NiyoX users saving and investing their change with over 50% being first time investors.

Most of our users who have Turned it ON tell us that it has enabled them to finally start investing and now they can spend guilt-free because they know they’re saving on the side.

Haven’t switched it on yet? Go check out ‘Invest the Change’ on NiyoX right away > https://niyoxi.onelink.me/tEhp/20d2c222

What’s more?

We want to reward you for good financial habits, hence as a limited time offer you get a cashback on your first spare change accumulation and another assured cashback when your accumulated change reaches ₹100.

Read all about how ‘Invest the Change’ works here > Introducing NiyoX ‘Invest the Change’: Turn spare change into investments💰!

*T&C apply

If you don’t have any plans to lauch the product for existing equitas bank customer then please stop sending me text message and whatsapp to complete the application.
I’m fed up listing the same thing since lauch. Stop lying and atleast.

Hey Ashish! We are working on this policy with our partner bank to onboard customers with existing/past relations with Equitas Small Finance Bank, however, this may take some more time. Meanwhile, we’d raise a request at the backend to unsubscribe you from further communications till then. LK

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Hey Ashish! You’ve been successfully unsubscribed from our channels and should not get further notifications to complete the onboarding at our end, till we update our policies. LK

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