150 days, 5 Lakh Customers - One Big THANK YOU 🎉

Hello everyone :wave:

As we celebrate 5 Lakh NiyoX users today, we’re taking some time to reflect on how we got here. And we wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to you, the Niyo Community!

With NiyoX, we set out to create a revolutionary product with a 2-in-1 savings and wealth account offering for today’s tech-savvy millennials to save-invest-grow. The app has everything smartly packaged together to provide a seamless digital banking experience.

We’ll also take this opportunity to make some exciting announcements. Here’s what is coming up to take your banking experience a notch higher -

Brand new card designs

Tap & Pay with the new card

Zero Forex Markup with the new cards

Invest the Change and save while you spend

Rewards on Salary Credit

Stay tuned, we’ll be letting you know more about these brand new features real soon, here on Community.

…and if you still haven’t experienced the excellence of NiyoX, come aboard NiyoX and get your own 2-in-1 account now!


Excellent service :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Glad you liked the NiyoX experience and welcome to the Niyo Community @GPLArVikas :slight_smile:


Tap to pay card just what I’ve been waiting for
But is there any requirements for the zero forex markup facility?

Yes , Till 2021 December 31st it is free But after December 31 you need 5k AMB to enjoy the benefits of Zero Forex markup

Sachin ツ

How to upgrade to new card?

So @Aswathy_Nambiar Mam, there should be an exclusive celebration offer for all of us😋…
We are proud to be NiyoX family :heart_eyes:

Hey @abhishekpatil42 ! To get your hands on the all new NiyoX VISA Platinum ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card, you’ll need to block your existing card and reorder for the new one. Stay noted that the card remains free for the first year if issued before 31st March 2022.

Zero Forex Markup is only valid upto 31st December 2021. To continue enjoying the same, you’ll need to maintain an Average Monthly Balance of ₹5,000 in any calender month.


Is it free for the existing customers who have normal visa platinum card to upgrade to the new tap and wave card?

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I updated app to the latest version, ordered new card design after blocking old card.

My account is active since the first month of NiyoX launch, will it be eligible for Zero Forex Markup or is it only for new accounts?

The schedule of charges does not have a section of a Forex Markup and Card Replacement Charges (I had to use a calculator a few days ago to figure out the 3.5% rate).

Suggestion: Zero Forex for Ecom/Online PoS transactions is best be free forever.

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Congratulation to me I got new tap and pay visa platinum card

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Hi @debosmit @sreedhar_tripurari,

(1/3) Rest assured you can upgrade to the same by blocking your card and re ordering new card from the app
(2/3) Card replacement is waived off till 31st March 2022.
(3/3) Your VISA Platinum Debit Card comes with Zero forex markup till 31 Dec 2021. You can continue to enjoy these perks further by maintaining an average monthly balance (AMB) of 5K or above in any given calendar month.


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I have scratched my scratch card & I have received Rs. 223/-

reward on 05.01.2022 but, it’s not reflecting in my Saving Account.

Hey @AMOL1513! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We’d request you to please wait for a while and refresh the account balance and check the transactions history.

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Ok. I am trying it from morning but, it’s not working.

@AMOL1513 Please wait for 48 hrs for the amount to get credited to your account. In case, if it’s not credited, please reach out to our in-app Live Chat support going to Menu > Support and we’ll get this sorted out.


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Ok. Thanks for the quick reply.